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Submarine Days

Paul's Journey



This series of three lessons was designed for discipleship. The children will have an opportunity to learn Bible stories that have an important message for everyday life. It is our aim to try to give the children some knowledge of Biblical content. This will hopefully help them to grow stronger in their faith and develop spiritually.


Decorations for submarine - The Zoo Bus was used as the set for this series. It is long and like a capsule so it is easy to use your imagination to help make it into a submarine. This could be done using a long classroom. Fish on windows to give the under the sea look. Old rustic control panels and dials, periscopes and radar equipment.

Lesson #3 - Paul's Journey

The third and final lesson in "Submarine Days" is about the apostle Paul. Paul's journey took him to many different places, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. It wasn't always easy, Paul ran into many different experiences. On one of Paul's voyages he was shipwrecked. This is an important event in the man's life and an important account for today's reader. It teaches us to "press on". In spite of overwhelming circumstances Paul didn't lose hope. He continued to do what God had called him to do. He didn't lose heart because he knew Jesus would be there with him through it all.


  • to teach the children that even though times are tough
  • Jesus is right beside us so we can keep going.
  • to teach the children an important Bible story
  • to teach the children that Jesus loves them


During the opening time the children will be entering. A video will be played to attract their attention until the program begins. This will help to prevent disagreements and cause the atmosphere to be a bit subdued. This often helps us to maintain control later in the program.


Rules should be clear and simple. The children that attend your program should understand all of them. It would be worthwhile to explain the rules and explain why each one is important. Children often like to know why. Try to make some of the rules positive. Children will get tired of a huge list of don'ts. Rules are mainly designed to maintain control which is for safety reasons. Teach the children the importance of treating one another with respect. This will help with discipline.


The Bible contains some important lessons for us about prayer. In Luke 18:1 Jesus is telling his disciples a parable "to show them that they should always pray and never give up". The "Life Application Bible" by Tyndale comments, " To persist in prayer and not give up does not mean endless repetition or painfully long prayer sessions. Always praying means keeping our requests constantly before God as we live for him day by day, believing he will answer." This is true personally but also for our ministries. It is essential that each detail and need is presented to God. We must keep our focus on Him and be in constant communication with Him.


This is a fun time in the program. The kids always enjoy it. If you are teaching a new song it might be helpful to write the words out so the children can learn them. In the past we have introduced a song and then written the words on our promotional flyer. We were shocked to see how many took the time to learn the words at home.


All of the games used in this series have been accepted or changed to suit the submarine theme.

Game #1 - Submarine Word Lightning

Select one player from each team. The first player is given a marker and a letter that has something to do with a submarine. ( For example, the player might be given "P" for periscope). The player then has one minute to write down as many words as he/she can think of that begin with "P". The second player is asked to perform the same task but is given a different 'Submarine" letter. The player with the highest number of words wins.

Game #2 - Ocean Pictionary

Select one player from each team. Have the first player come up to the front and grab a marker. The child will be shown words and they must draw them on the paper chart provided. Their team must name the object. The point of the game is to see which team can draw and successfully guess the greatest number of objects in one minute. The second player simply repeats the actions of the first but is given different words.

Memory Verse

In this segment of the program the children will be encouraged to settle down and listen to the teaching. This can be reinforced by reminding them of the "quiet seat" prizes that go to the children who are well behaved.

This will be an interaction between the memory verse leader and a puppet who was present during this time in the previous Submarine lessons. He is CAPTAIN C. LEVEL. He has brought back the old captain's log which contains a memory verse.

Captain C. Level: (enters) Good day to you all! I am pleased to be back. I understand that this is your final voyage with us on the HMS Zoo. I'm sorry to hear that.

Leader: Well, Captain we are sorry too! We have enjoyed learning about submarines and looking at your old log book.

Captain C. Level: I brought the log book with me again. I was reading it and I found a very important verse that I thought you guys might be interested in seeing.

Leader: We would love to see what you found.

Captain C. Level: ( brings in verse written in code) Here it is but it is written in that ancient sea code again. I brought the code with me so you could figure it out but I can't quite remember what it said.

Leader: (takes verse and code) I think we can figure out what it says. It shouldn't be too hard since we already figured out the last two. (allow time for kids to participate and complete the verse.)

"Blessed are those who keep on going when times are hard. They will receive a crown." James 1:12

That is a strange verse. I haven't heard of too many people who get a crown. Kings and queens maybe but that's about it.

Captain C. Level: You said this verse was very important. We don't understand, do you know what it means?

Captain C. Level: I do and that is why I wanted to share it with you. Life isn't always easy you know. Sometimes bad things happen and we can't understand why. This verse tells us what to do when we are going through a hard time. It says that we are not going to give up. We are supposed to fight hard and keep on going. The people who do that will receive a crown.

Leader: That's the part that we don't understand. What crown are we talking about? We aren't royalty.

Captain C. Level: That crown means reward. The people who don't give up and keep on trusting God will be rewarded not here on earth but in heaven. They will get an eternal reward. They will get to be with God forever.

Leader: So you mean that God will reward us in heaven if we trust him through all times.

Captain C. Level: That's right, I better go!

Leader: That is an important verse. Thanks for sharing that with us. See you later.

Captain C. Level: See ya!

Object Lesson

This segment of the program will introduce the story. It is a skit between two puppets, Captain C. Level and a lobster named JACQUES CRUSTEAU. They are continuing to search for treasure and a sunken ship.

Jacques Crusteau: (enters with Captain C. Level) Well Captain. I don't know. I haven't been able to find that treasure. I'm running out of ideas.

Captain C. Level: Don't give up. I'm sure we will find it eventually. We will keep on looking.

Jacques Crusteau: I'll check the maps and the controls again.

Captain C. Level: Look at the radar, Crusteau. We are picking something up. It looks like something really big, check it out.

Jacques Crusteau: Oh my, it is big. I wonder what it is. I'll look through the periscope and see if I can see it.

Captain C. Level: Can you tell what it is?

Jacques Crusteau: Not yet. Move the submarine closer to it.

Captain C.Level: Ok.

Jacques Crusteau: (gets very excited) Look Captain. It is a sunken ship. It is an old sunken ship, maybe the treasure is on it.

Captain C. Level: The boat reminds me of the one that Paul sailed on.

Jacques Crusteau: Paul, who?

Captain C. Level: Sit back and I'll tell you the story.


This story will be told by Captain C. Level and acted out by a puppet and his friends. A snake puppet will be part of the story.

Once a long time ago, there was a man named Paul. Paul went around to different cities telling people about Jesus. This kept him very busy.

One time Paul was travelling by boat to a city called Rome. It was a long journey and Paul had to be very patient. At first the trip seemed to go well but after a while the wind picked up and it became difficult to sail.

After a few weeks things seemed to calm down and the sailing started to get easier. But just when they thought everything would be ok, a wind with hurricane force picked up. The ship was caught by the storm and the sailors began to panic. They were so busy trying to keep the boat together they didn't even have time to eat. It was terrible but Paul told them not to give up.

One night the storm seemed to get even worse. The ship was tossed against the rocks and it shattered. They were shipwrecked but they all managed to float to a nearby island called Malta. When they arrived on the island they built a fire to warm themselves up. Paul went to search for more firewood when a snake grabbed onto his hand. All of the sailors thought that Paul would die or become ill because of the snake bite but Paul shook the snake off and nothing happened to him. After this Paul continued to share Jesus with the sailors and the people on the island. He never leaves us.

(Jacques and Captain C. Level enter)

Jacques Crusteau: Wow, that is amazing.

Captain C. Level: It sure is. If I had to face such bad storms and ended up on an island I think I would give up.

Jacques Crusteau: I would have given up when I got bitten by a snake. I don't like snakes.

Captain C. Level: Paul never gave up, he just kept on trusting God.

Jacques Crusteau: That is how we should be. We need to trust God even when times are tough. Do you think that is Paul's ship out there?

Captain C. Level: I don't know. Why don't we go and get our diving suits and go out there?

Jacques Crusteau: Good idea! Let's go.

(They exit)

Leader's Conclusion

That was quite the story. That guy named Paul had a really hard time but he never gave up. He kept on telling people about Jesus and he kept on trusting God even when times were really tough.

Next time you face something really hard, to try to remember today's memory verse and remember that Jesus will be with you all the time.

Dismissal: Closing prayer, quiet seat prizes and treats.

Copyright 1997, Bread of Life Ministries