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Three Cool Kings



This lesson was written for the Christmas program of December 1996. It was designed to emphasize the real meaning of Christmas.

Christmas is often a hectic, crazy time of year. We all find ourselves caught up in a flurry of activity. The shopping, baking and preparing. Somehow we miss the reality of the Christmas season. In our churches we are often guilty of this too. We have to decorate the sanctuary, practice for the pageant or the choir cantata. Where is Jesus in all of this?

It is the same for our kids. They probably wonder how Jesus' birthday fits into all of this. The Three Cool Kings program will emphasize the search for the baby Jesus by the Magi. The games and activities will help stress the point. The children will learn the true meaning of Christmas. They will be given an opportunity to repent and give their lives to Jesus.


This program was designed to be used indoors. It requires a TV and VCR. It involves games and activities that can be done in very limited space.


We have chosen to use only a simple manger scene and a star. In order to stress that Jesus is "the reason for the season", we have decided not to use any traditional Christmas decorations such as Santa or Christmas Trees.


  • to teach the children why we celebrate Christmas
  • to give the children an opportunity to repent and have Jesus as part of their lives.
  • to teach that Jesus loves them.


During this time in our program we usually provide a video. This occupies the children while they wait for the others to arrive. A Christmas selection would be appropriate for this season.


If you have promoted this lesson as a Christmas lesson expect some chaos. We have discovered that when the words Christmas or Party are related to our program, the crowd comes expecting something. Even though your kids probably already know the rules, it is important to set guidelines especially when they arrive already "pumped" up.


Commit your time to the Lord in prayer. Christmas is a season that can be difficult for many families and financial strain is not uncommon. Make sure that people in your church or ministry are praying for your kids, particularly over the holidays.


Christmas is the theme. Kids love to sing familiar Christmas Carols. Try to select a few that focus on Jesus but have fun too. You might consider printing out the words so that the kids will be able to sing along. "We, Three Kings" would be ideal.


Since we are looking at the real meaning of Christmas, all of our activities relate. Our focus is on the Magi who searched the heavens for a sign of the messiah. The game that is included in this lesson is called "Zoo Star Search". A grid with letters and numbers is constructed on a piece of Bristol board, . Inside the squares messages are written in invisible ink . One of the squares contains a "star", that is what we are looking for. The contestant that uncovers the star wins.


In order to make this game happen you will need one piece of Bristol board; two pieces of colored construction paper; and "Magic Eraser Pens" or "Ghost Writer". (These products are simply clear markers that you can write with but they don't show up. You need to use other markers or developers in order for the writing to appear. Magic Eraser is a trademark of Roberta's Inc. Shelbyville, In. 46176. The Ghost Writer is put out by Sanford. If these products are not available the game could simply have papers covering each square. As the papers were removed the messages or the star could be revealed.)

  1. Draw the grid and fill in squares (use any messages that you feel are appropriate)
  2. Use construction paper to make up coordinates that each contestant could select from a bag.

The length of the game can be altered by changing the number of coordinates available. Have Fun!

Memory Verse

This memory verse can be done with or without puppet interaction. During our program we have selected to do without the puppet but if you wanted to incorporate one you could. A puppet could hold up the clues required to fill in the blanks in the verse. This may seem like a strange verse to use for a Christmas program but if you look a little closer it will become obvious.

The verse selected is Deuteronomy 4:29b, "If you search for him with all of your heart you will find him." (Good News Version).

In the program we are dealing with the "Three Wise Men" and their search for Jesus. This verse deals with the search for God. In chapter 4 of Deuteronomy Moses is speaking prophetically about the ruin of Israel. He talks about their idolatrous ways. In verses 29-31 "the true nature of repentance is indicated. It is not merely sorrow for past sins and their consequences but it is seeking God with all the heart and obedience to his voice. Such repentance procures divine mercy. For God does not forget his part of the covenant but people forget theirs." (Dummelow Rev J.R. ed. "A Commentary on the Holy Bible" New York: MacMillan, 1920)

The God of the Old Testament is the God of today, so we will stress to the children that they can find God if they repent. God is faithful and will hold up his end of the bargain. He knows your heart and if you truly repent you will find him.


The memory verse was presented to the children with blanks on it.

If you _ _ _ _ _ _ for him _ _ _ _ all of _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ you will _ _ _ _ him. Deuteronomy 4:29.

The children are to fill in the blanks. They will do so through the use of clues which correspond to each blank:

If a child is lost the police will try to find him/her. They will _________ for him.

I like to eat my sandwich __________ peanut butter and jam on it.

Blank #3
After school you invite a friend over to ______ house.

Blank #4
It pumps blood through you body.

Blank #5
You lost your lunch money so you ask your friend to help you ________ it.

Once the children solve the clues, they must locate the word in a "word search" and then fill in the blank on the memory verse. The word search was simply made up to contain the required words.

Since some of the children we work with have difficulty with reading and spelling this game is very practical.

Object Lesson

For this part of the program a video was shown. It was called "A King is Born". It is one in the series of videos put out by "Nest Entertainment".


This story was written to put the "Three Wise Men" into modern terms. They were searching for Jesus and so are the characters in the story.

Joshua, Alex, and Franklin.... Together, they were the best players on the city's basketball team called "The Kings". Joshua led the team in scoring. Alex was the top rebounder and Franklin held the league record in assists and steals. So far "The Kings" had defeated every team. They practiced hard and long, all the hours were paying off.

One evening practise ended earlier than usual. Joshua, Alex and Franklin decided to take the long way home. They walked through the school yard. It was cold and clear. The moonlight made it easy to see where they were going. Most of the way Josh and Franklin talked about foul shots they had missed and great jump shots they had taken. Alex was quiet. He kept looking around. He looked at all of the stars.

Finally, Franklin elbowed Alex. "Why are you so quiet?", he asked. Alex explained that he had been thinking about the story of when Jesus was born. He was thinking about the great star that the shepherds and the wise men saw.

Joshua joined in, "Hey guys, aren't those wise men sometimes called Kings?"
"Yes", said Alex.
"Just like us, three kings", Josh said.
"Wait a minute, not just any kings", said Franklin. "Three Cool Kings, that's us, said Alex, weren't those kings in the story looking for Jesus?"

Joshua began to laugh. "It's not like we are going to run into a manger in our neighbourhood." Franklin responded... "We may not find the baby Jesus lying in a manger but I bet we can find Jesus in our neighbourhood. The others said o.k. The "Three Cool Kings" decided to meet at the corner store at 9:00 a.m. to begin their search.

At 9:00 on Saturday, the guys met at the store. Each one had lots of ideas about where they could find Jesus. Franklin thought they should go to the mall. The mall is always full of Christmas stuff this time of year he explained. So the Three Cool Kings set off for the mall. They looked everywhere. Nothing. Franklin was pretty disappointed, Christmas at the mall has nothing to do with Jesus.

Alex had another idea. He remembered that there was a manger scene set up in the town square. The Three Cool Kings made their way through the crowd. The people were all really busy. They were bustling around. There was no sign of Jesus there. They didn't know what to do next.

Finally, Joshua suggested that they go to see Mrs Smith. She always told them about Jesus. The Three Cool Kings knocked on the door. Mrs. Smith invited them in for cookies and hot chocolate and they explained what they were up to. Mrs. Smith smiled and began to explain. You know boys, you are pretty smart. You have learned an important lesson today. Jesus is who we need to find but at Christmas people get caught up in so many other things that they forget. He is why we have Christmas in the first place. Jesus is in your neighbourhood. You might not see him but he is here. If you pray and ask him to forgive you for your sins, he will come and be in your life. You will find Jesus in your heart and in other Christian's hearts. You can find him inside and outside of the church.

Copyright 1996, Bread of Life Ministries