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Adventure Days

Jungle Adventure



During the outdoor program we have the opportunity to spread our message of hope and salvation. The lessons are projected over a sound system and can be heard by many in a community. For this reason we have decided to stick to simple lessons with a strong evangelistic message. More direct discipleship will occur in our indoor program which runs from late October to early May. This series is Adventure Days. Adventure will be the outward theme but the lesson will encompass our true task, to share with the kids the salvation message, to tell them the "Secret of Everlasting Life". In Adventure Days you will travel with our protagonist to wild jungles, high mountains and hot deserts. He will find many different beliefs about eternal life but in the end he will find The Way, The Truth and The Life.

Lesson 1 - Jungle Adventure

In this first lesson the main character, a brilliant professor will journey to the jungle to find the "Secret of Eternal Life". This will require some props. On the Zoo Van we made the PUPPET STAGE into the office of the professor and the rest of the stage was set up like the jungle. A painted jungle scene was used. We also had some stuffed jungle animals around. This can easily be done. Green garbage bags make great vines.

In this search the professor finds an individual who believes that the "Secret of Everlasting Life" is obtained through a legalistic adherence to the "law". This law is not one established by God but is rather one that is prescribed by man. This sounds far fetched but it is common today. Many churches have rules that are not God's but are established by tradition. These may be important in some people's faith but they are not the essential ingredient. The most significant part is Jesus, He is the answer. This IS our message. The "Secret of Everlasting Life" is the saving grace found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


  • to teach that only Jesus saves
  • to teach that Jesus loves each child and wants to know them


The opening of this program was a puppet song. It had a distinct jungle sound and was performed by a cast of jungle puppets. It was called "King of the Jungle". It also emphasized that Jesus is our King. This set the stage for both the jungle theme and the content of the lesson. Since this is the first part of the program it can be very effective in setting the tone for the rest of the program.

Creative idea from the Zoo Director:

Any song can be selected for puppeting. Use your imagination. In the past a friend of mine, Tyson Brown had a vision for the choreography and theme of a puppet song. It was the song "Seed to Sow" by Michael W. Smith. He envisioned it as a jungle scene in which characters were presented with the idea that they have a task in sharing the message of God. This type of thing would make an excellent opening for the Zoo program. The possibilities are endless. When you listen to music try to apply it to different lessons and themes. It is like creating your own video for the song based on your interpretation.


Each lesson has included a section on rules. In most cases it has been a few comments and suggestions. If you are looking for a more comprehensive set of rules refer to our section on DISCIPLINE. It contains the method that we use to maintain control in our locations. It could easily be adapted to suit your needs.


In the past year or so we have established a prayer chain. Each child enrolled in our program is assigned to an adult prayer sponsor. We are finding this to be an important part of our ministry with the children. This can our occur within the church as well. One thing that can make it sort of fun is if you incorporate this into a craft. In the adventure theme the children could be given pictures of animals to trace and cut out. The child would them write their name on the card, decorate it and stick a magnet to the back. The cards could be distributed randomly throughout the congregation. These people would pray for their selected child.


Variety in style. Find out what kind of music your kids listen to and adapt the songs you use to that style. This makes the childish songs sound more grown up. It also holds their interest a lot more than typical kids stuff. It is possible that your group will enjoy children's music. Know your group and you will be able to make it fun for them.


In this series the sections on games will contain some ideas that we have developed over the course of the past few years of programming. They are tips that we feel are important for safety. Some might find them a little strict but we feel they are simply cautious. It is better to be safe and avoid areas of potential problems. We do not play games that involve food at "The Zoo". Eating games are popular and a lot of fun for the players as well as the audience but we will not include them. We feel that they are potentially hazardous for two reasons; choking and food allergies. Choking can easily occur. Food allergies are very common but are difficult to treat in the event of an emergency. It is best to simply avoid taking the risk. Some children are violently allergic to nuts. Others have allergies to milk, eggs, chocolate and food additives. Why present yourself with unnecessary worry? All the games are developed to suit the Jungle Adventure.

Game 1 - Coconut Relay

(This game was also used in the jungle theme curriculum on the Fruit of the Spirit) Select eight players four for each team. Divide them into partners. Partners line up back to back. Place a coconut between their backs. (Use a ball painted to look like a coconut since a real coconut would hurt someone's feet if it landed on them.) The pair will run from the start to the finish line without dropping the coconut. When they arrive at the finish line they will do the jungle dance for ten seconds and leap frog back to the starting line where they will tag the next pair. The team to complete the relay first wins. (The jungle dance is done using a hula hoop covered in vines)

Game 2 - Jungle Bug Squash

(This game was also taken from our previous theme) Select two players for each team. This is a balloon breaking game. The child will be given a balloon with a bug drawn on it and they will take it to the starting line. The child will run to a chair carrying the "bug". The child will sit on the balloon and pop it. When it pops they will run back to their team. The next child will repeat the procedure. Use eight balloons and have each contestant go twice.

Memory Verse

This memory verse involves interaction between a puppet character, the audience and a leader. The puppet is called Phoebe. She is part of our regular cast of puppets and she is a world traveller.

Leader: (speaking to the audience) How many of you had a great summer vacation? Raise your hand. Name some of the places you went or the fun things you did. (allow time for interaction with the kids) I would like to introduce you all to someone who had a wonderful summer vacation. Her name is Phoebe. Come on out Phoebe!

Phoebe: Hi (leader), I am so glad I could come to the Zoo today. I heard it is a lot of fun.

Leader: We do have a lot of fun. Today, we are talking about our summer vacation. Will you tell us about yours?

Phoebe: I went everywhere. I was in all kinds of exciting places around the world and I learned new things. It was a great adventure. I even went to the deep dark jungle. Would you like to see some of my souvenirs?

Leader: We would love to.

Phoebe: They are all in this trunk but I think that they are a little mixed up.

(Leader reaches behind the puppet stage and pulls out an old trunk and lifts the lid)

Leader: There are some really neat things in here but they all have words on them.

Phoebe: I learned a very important thing while I was in the jungle so I wrote the words on my souvenirs so that I would be able to remember it when I got back. Maybe you and the kids could sort them out so that they make sense.

Leader: Well, we will try Phoebe.

(At this point the leader will select children from the crowd. Each child will be given a souvenir with a word from the memory verse on it. They will hold the item in a line so that everyone can see it. The children will sort it out so it makes sense.) Now let's read it out loud so that Phoebe can tell us if it is right. "We are not under the law but under grace." Romans 6:14

Phoebe: (quite excited) That's it. I did not think that you would be able to get it. That is right out of the Bible you know and it tells us an important lesson.

Leader: What does it mean Phoebe?

Phoebe: How many of you guys have ever read the Bible or even part of it? (Allow for response) If you have been to the Zoo before you have heard part of it. Does it seem like it is a book full of rules? (response) Sometimes I used to think that too But on my vacation I learned this verse and it explained everything to me. This verse says that we are not under the law. That means that all of those laws aren't as important as they used to be. What is really important is grace. The most important thing that we can learn from the Bible is about Jesus and how He died for us. We don't throw out the rules we just put them in second place behind the thing in first place and that is Jesus' love.

Leader: Wow Phoebe, you sure do know a lot. That was a really important message that you brought back on your souvenirs. (speaking to the kids) Let's see if we can say it without looking at the words.


No introduction required, the lead puppet comes up and tells the story. The puppet is called DR. KENTUCKY JAMES, he is a regular puppet dressed to fit his occupation. He is a professor and an adventurer. He wears safari clothes and has a moustache and glasses so that he looks academic. A second puppet appears at the end. He is an elephant. Good evening everyone! I am glad that you could make it. I am Dr. Kentucky James. I am a professor, welcome to my office. Let me tell you what I have been up to lately. I have been studying an ancient mystery. I have been all over the world searching for the answer to this question... What is "The Secret of Everlasting Life"? Some have tried to find the answer and have failed. Let me tell you about my adventure..... This summer I spent a great deal of time in the library. I was looking through books to see if I could find the answer to the question. I looked in every encyclopaedia and I couldn't find it anywhere. Finally I came across a book on the jungle. Still nothing. No one seemed to know the answer.

One afternoon I was talking to another teacher. She suggested that I go and talk to the ancient wise elephant leader in the southern jungle. So I packed my stuff and boarded a plane headed for the jungle. The plane landed on the edge of a thick jungle. The pilot told me that the elephant herd made their home in the middle of the jungle. It would be a dangerous journey but I really wanted to know the secret. I began to walk. It was quite dark because of the thick trees and leaves that blocked the sun. The ground was squishy under my boots. I had to move spider webs made by giant tropical spiders. Snakes were dangling from the tree tops. I heard strange noises probably monkeys and tigers, who knows? I walked and walked, it seemed like forever.

Finally, I found the elephant tribe. It wasn't hard to tell which elephant was the wise leader. He was the strongest, biggest and oldest elephant. I approached him carefully. As I got close the elephant made a loud noise. I jumped.

Elephant: Who are You?

Dr Kentucky James: Uhm, well I .... I am Dr Kentucky James and I was wondering if I could ask you a question?

Elephant: Ok, since you have come so far, go ahead ask your question.

Dr Kentucky James: Mr Elephant sir, I heard that you are very wise and that you have "The Secret of Everlasting Life".

Elephant: Ho,Ho, Ho (chuckles). Well as a matter of fact I do. We elephants feel that you will have eternal life. You will live forever and go to heaven. If you and only if you wear a nice bow on your trunk, wear purple toe nail polish, braid your tail and always walk slowly.

Dr. Kentucky James: But Mr Elephant, people have to do all of those things to have eternal life?

Elephant: Yes that's correct. If you don't you won't go to heaven.

At that point I left. I was pretty upset. That can't be right. How can that be true? How can people wear a bow on their nose. This is nuts! I decided that the elephant couldn't possibly be right and I went back to the office to see if I could find the right answer.

Leader's Conclusion

At this point a leader will ask questions and help to relate the content of the lesson to the lives of the children. The following is a series of questions and statements that could help to make sure that the kids have understood the message.

  • What do you think about that story?
  • It was kind of weird wasn't it?
  • How do you think we can get to heaven?
  • Will we go to heaven if we wear bows on our noses?
  • What if we paint our toenails purple , will that help us get to heaven?

No there is only one way to have everlasting life. Do you know what that is? It is Jesus. Jesus came and He died on the cross. He did that to pay for all of the wrong things that we have done. If we ask Him to be part of our lives and to forgive us for our sins, he will be with us forever and we will see Him in heaven.


Quiet Seat prizes and closing prayer.

Copyright 1997, Bread of Life Ministries