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Celebrity Days

Jesus the Saviour


This three lesson series was written to introduce the children to Jesus. It is very basic and was designed with the question "Do you know Jesus? " in mind. The lessons include simple facts about Jesus so that a child will have enough information to make a personal decision. The Easter story was incorporated into these lessons.

In order to teach the lessons and make them interesting a theme was selected. This time it is "Celebrity Days". Celebrities and movie stars to tell stories and help teach.


This curriculum was written to be used in the Zoo Bus in confined space. For this reason a large number of props were not required. Some ideas: a director's chair, megaphone, signs, movie camera, film and old movie posters. The possibilities are endless, use your imagination.

Lesson Three - Jesus Is The Saviour

This lesson was designed to introduce the children to the cross. It is an opportunity to explain the events of the crucifixion and resurrection and apply them to our lives. It will be a fun day but will also have a time for decisions to be made.


  • To present the most important part of the gospel message; "Jesus the Saviour" to the kids.
  • To allow them to see the true meaning of Easter not the commercialism of today.
  • To present an opportunity to make a decision for Christ.


In an indoor program it has been necessary for us to occupy the kids while we collect boots and organize their entry. During this time a movie playing is helpful. It diverts the attention of the children and keeps them from being bored while they wait. This could also be done by another leader if the TV/VCR are not available. Games are good. Activity centers are ideal if you are dealing with a classroom situation.


Since this is an Easter lesson, the children may be hyper because of the Holiday. They may have eaten a lot of sugar. The rules become essential in times like this because they are what you will need in order to clearly and effectively communicate the life changing message.


Before this program occurs, time should be spent in prayer. This is a valuable lesson, pray that the children's hearts will be open to hear the message. This could change their lives. At the program pray that they will remember what they have learned.


Enjoy! Some music selections that other children's programs have found very effective are by "Mary Rice Hopkins". It depends on your kids. You have to select what will appeal to them. Some music may be too childish or might not fit the style that the children prefer. In our group almost anything with a country and western flavour would fail but it might work for you. As you get to know your kids, it will become less difficult to choose.


Most series have different games each week, but we didn't do that in this series. The children enjoyed the games so much that we did them for three weeks.

Game #1 - Word Lightning

Select two players. One boy, one girl. One letter in the alphabet is chosen. The first contestant must write as many words as they can that begin with the selected letter. They must do this in one minute. The second contestant does the same thing with a different letter.

Game #2 - Charades

Select two players. One girl, one boy. Approximately twenty simple words are written on separate pieces of paper. The first contestant is shown a word and must act it out so that his /her team can guess what it is. The contestant must act out as many words as he/she can in one minute. The second contestant must look at different words and act out as many as possible in one minute.

Memory Verse

Luke 24:6

The memory verse will be the last in the series. It will also be an interaction between the celebrities, the leader and the children.

Porklena: Hi (leader). I'm back again. I am so excited about Easter. I'm going to get lots of candy. It is going to be a great weekend.

Leader: Well Porklena, I'm so pleased to see you back. I can see that you are pretty excited about Easter.

Porklena: Oh I am, I am.

Einstein the Director: Porklena, there you are. I have been looking all over for you. We need to go over the last line. It is extremely important for our new movie.

Porklena: Not right now, I'm telling (leader) about my plans for Easter.

Leader: You know Porklena, this verse is really important. You should try it. It is about Easter you know!

Porklena: Oh ok, but only because it is about Easter.

Einstein the Director: That is right. This verse is about Easter. In fact it tells the real meaning of Easter.

Leader: We will read it for you. It is nice and short. "He is not here; He has risen!" Luke 24:6.

Porklena: Ok, I've got it this time... "He is not here; He has risen!" Luke 24:6. There you go. I got it now let's get back to talking about Easter. I love chocolate. I love Easter eggs...

Einstein the Director: But Porklena, you are missing the point. You just aren't getting it. That verse is about Easter isn't it (leader)?

Leader: Einstein is right. That verse is about the very first Easter and is the reason that we celebrate Easter today. That verse talks about Jesus.

On the Friday before Easter Jesus was nailed to a cross. He died and was buried in a tomb. The people were extremely upset. On Sunday morning some ladies went to the tomb to take care of the body of Jesus and found that he was not there. He was not in the tomb. They thought that the body had been stolen but an angel appeared to them and explained that Jesus was not dead, he was risen.

Let's look at our story, it will help you understand.


This section is usually time for a story. In "The Zoo" bus, we have a TV/VCR system so we chose to use a video. A cartoon story. The children seemed to enjoy the change.

At this point we used a "Nest Entertainment" video. It was the Easter video. It helped to explain the events and make them more clear.

Critics Corner

This section of the story will be discussed by two puppets. The puppets are movie critics and they discuss the meaning of the movie for us.

You can use any puppets to do this. We chose to use two hairy monster puppets.

Sedrick: Good evening, welcome to our final episode of "Critics Corner". This is the show where we watch the movie and decide if we liked it or not!

Herbert: That's right, Sedrick. This is our last show. We are going on a little vacation. So what did you think of tonight's movie?

Sedrick: Well, I like it. These past few videos about Jesus have been pretty good.

Herbert: I liked all of them. Zaccheus was neat. Last week watching Jesus' ride into town on a donkey was cool!

Sedrick: My favourite one was this week. It was the story of the very first Easter, you know!

Herbert: I thought it was a bit sad!

Sedrick: Well, it was sad at first. But Jesus died and then he rose again. He is alive today!

Herbert: Well Sedrick, I don't understand the whole thing.

Sedrick: I'll tell you the most important part. What is most important about the Easter story is that Jesus loved you so much he died for you.

Herbert: I'm still confused.

Sedrick: Herbert, Easter is about Jesus. Jesus cares about you Herbert and everyone who is here. He didn't just care a little. He loved us enough to die for us. That's pretty drastic. Because Jesus died we are forgiven for all of our sins and can have a New Life in Him.

Herbert: I think I get it! What it all boils down to is that Jesus loves us very much and at Easter he showed us just how much!

Sedrick: Well now that we have that straight. I'll tell you why I liked that movie. I liked it because it tells us the important story of Easter and what it means for us.

Herbert: I think it was my favourite too! Join us again, on "Critics Corner".


Use this time to reinforce to the children the meaning of Easter in our lives. Give them a chance to pray and to make a decision for themselves.

After the lesson ended we explained that eggs are a symbol of new life and remind us of what Jesus did. Then we had a community wide Easter Egg Hunt. It was fabulous, the kids loved it.

Copyright 1996, Bread of Life Ministries