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Hero/Game Show Days

Jesus Forgives

In 1996 when we look at the world we see few heroes. There are not very many people who can set a good example for our children. As Christians we have a responsibility not only to be role models but also to direct the eyes of children and all people to the greatest hero of all time... Jesus. Jesus is alive and present today to be our own personal hero.

According to the dictionary a hero is a person admired for great deeds and noble qualities. Jesus is to be admired for his great actions but also for his noble characteristics. He was perfect, the ultimate example of what a hero is. It exemplifies all of the qualities we look for in a hero!

There are many examples of heroes that exhibited some of Jesus' characteristics. They show qualities of Jesus in their actions and as a result are seen as heroes. Many of their stories are found in the bible. The purpose of this series is three fold:

  • To portray Jesus as the greatest hero of all time.
  • To show the children the stories of other people who are heroes because they are like Jesus.
  • To let the children know that when they show characteristics of Jesus they can be heroes in their own community.

Jesus is the ultimate example of forgiveness. Jesus sets an example for us and teaches us to forgive one another. In this lesson the emphasis will be on the idea that Jesus is the ultimate hero because he shows true forgiveness. The children can learn that they can be heroes in their own neighbourhood if they exhibit this quality.

Lesson Two - Jesus Forgives


  • Huge Banner that says "Jesus is The Greatest Hero of All Time".
  • Christmas lights around opening of the puppet stage.
  • Super Hero costumes.
  • Sign on puppet stage "Real Life Stories".

We have combined two themes. We will be learning about heroes but using some "game show" props, games, theme.


This program was opened using a very upbeat dance mix of the old hymn "Victory in Jesus". It is very catchy and the children enjoy it. It is interesting to experiment with different types of music. Children will appreciate different styles and it adds some variety to your program.


We have been learning by experience that it is absolutely necessary to repeat the rules each week and remain firm. Some prefer a more relaxed atmosphere and will let the rules go but we have discovered that this leads to problems. The discipline will usually get a bit out of control by the end of the program. Remember, your purpose is to present a life changing message. You can't do that when you can't speak over the noise of the children.


Remember to include prayer in your planning not just in the program. You may want to establish a prayer chain to support your ministry.


Supermarket Flash

Choose two contestants from each team. The first player from each team will be shown a picture of a supermarket item and they will be asked to describe it to their team. They will do it very quickly trying to describe as many as possible in the short time period.

Train Wreck

Choose four contestants. The super hero will have to run to the train track to save the train. They must remove the rocks (bean bags) one at a time and run them back to their end. Each person can only carry one rock. But the trouble is you can't just run you have to hop. The heroes hurt their leg in their last daring rescue.

Memory Verse

"Forgive as the Lord forgave you". Colossians 3:13

The memory verse will be taught to the children but like in the previous lesson it will be done in the form of a puzzle. It will be presented in a game show style.

The segment opens with music, flashing lights and a pre-recorded message says the same thing each week.... "Now it's time for everybody's favourite game show, Real Life Stories, with your host Alex Tie Rack." Alex the puppet will enter at this point and explain the game.

Good afternoon everyone and welcome! I am Alex Tie Rack and I'm glad that you were able to join us again this week. Let me tell you about our show. This is the first part of the show, the part with the puzzle. You will have to solve the puzzle to find the memory verse and you will learn the verse. So let's try it. An assistant will help us out!

This game is played like hang man. There are blanks for each letter. The teams select letters to fill the blanks and eventually solve the puzzle. The assistant will help them to do this and will help teach the verse.

After the children have learned the verse the host returns!

Well, that was extremely well done. You learned the verse very quickly. Don't forget it because you will need it for the next part of our show. The memory verse is like a clue for the next part of our game. If you can answer the question at the end of the story using the memory verse, you can win the grand prize. If you can get the answer each week for the next three weeks you might win the grand prize.

(Note: The above section contains dialogue for Alex Tie Rack but it is only a suggestion. Please try to create your own personality for Alex, don't stick to what is written. The puppet is more exciting when it reflects you!)


The story will be narrated with puppets acting out the story in the background. It will be two very short stories. They will be done one in bible times costumes and the other in modern outfits.

Story Number One

Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

Many years ago there lived a young by named Joseph. Joseph had many brothers. They all lived together but Joseph was his father's favourite. Joseph's dad liked him more than his brothers. Joseph's dad even gave him a colourful coat to wear while his brother's had none. This made the brothers very angry. They threw him in a large hole and he was sold into slavery. Joseph lived many years as a slave but later he became a powerful leader.

A few years later Joseph's brothers came to him looking for food. Joseph was kind. He forgave them for what they had done to him and gave them food.

Even though his brothers did something very wrong. They hurt Joseph a lot. Joseph was able to forgive them for what they had done and he was kind to them.

Story Number Two

Andrew and Kyle

Andrew and his friend Kyle hung out after school. One day Kyle asked Andrew if he could borrow his walkman. Andrew said that Kyle could take it but only if he was careful. So Kyle said thank you and put the walkman in his book bag. Kyle walked home and when he got there he took off his bag and threw it on the floor. He heard a crash. Kyle had forgotten that Andrew's walkman was in his bag. Now it was broken. Boy would Andrew be angry. Kyle went to school the next day and he took the broken walkman. He told Andrew what happened. Andrew's feelings were hurt but he forgave Kyle anyway. That must have been really hard.


Entry music/lights/sign/pre recorded message

Now it's time once again for everybody's favourite game show, "Real Life Stories". Please welcome our host, Alex Tie Rack.

Hi, welcome to part two of our game show! In this part of the show contestants will answer the exciting question: "What is the same about these two stories"?

You, the studio audience and our wonderful contestants have both seen the two stories, Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors and Andrew and Kyle. We will try to figure out what is the same about the stories.

If you are able to figure out the answer and help a contestant get it right, you will win a prize and have a chance to win the grand prize in one more week.

(Note: All contestants are puppet characters who have appeared in previous lessons. This is an opportunity to use characters that the children know. Adapt the script to incorporate your own stars.)

Ok, here is our first contestant; Einstein the Elephant.(Applause)

Alex: Welcome Einstein! You know how to play the game. Can you tell us what is the same about these two stories?

Einstein: Well Alex, I watched the two stories and I can answer your question. I think that those two stories were the same because they were both about guys who had neat stuff. Joseph had a cool coat and Andrew had a walkman.

Alex: I'm sorry Einstein. You did give us an excellent answer but it just wasn't the one we were looking for. Let's call our next contestant and see if he can answer our question. Welcome contestant number two, the Memory Verse Bandit. ( Applause)

Bandit: (this character doesn't talk, he enters the stage and waves).

Alex: We are pleased to have you here with us do you think you can remember the stories? (Bandit nods). What is the same about these two stories?

Bandit: (no response... he puts his hands over his face and exits quickly)

Alex: I guess he must have forgotten the answer, that's too bad. Let's see if our final contestant can answer the question. Welcome Ann, a girl from your neighbourhood. (Applause)

Ann: Hi Alex, thanks for having me on your show. I bet I can do it.

Alex: Alright Ann, what is the same about these two stories?

Ann: Both of the stories are about forgiving people. The first story is right out of the bible and it was about Joseph. Joseph forgave his brothers even though they were mean to him many years before. In the second story Andrew forgave his friend for breaking his walkman.

Alex: You are absolutely right Ann! Joseph and Andrew are heroes because they forgave people. Don't forget that Jesus is the ultimate hero because he shows us how to forgive. Jesus wants us to learn to forgive like he does.

Well done Ann. We have a small prize for Ann and we will share t with our studio audience. Join us next week as we try for the grand prize.

At this point the children are dismissed in prayer and are given a treat that is part of Ann's prize.

Copyright 1996, Bread of Life Ministries