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Detective Days

Forgive One Another



This series follows the Celebrity Days Series. The aim of Celebrity Days was to introduce the children to Jesus. It covered the cross and its centrality to Christianity. Detective Days will be "Investigating what Jesus taught". Now that they know Jesus, it is important to cover what Jesus expects of us. The lessons will cover three of Jesus' parables. The lessons will be applied to the lives of children.

Lesson Three - Forgive One Another

This lesson is the final lesson in the Detective Days Series. We are continuing to investigate the things that Jesus has taught. In this lesson we will look at the story of the Prodigal Son as an example of how we need to be forgiving to one another. This will hopefully be an example of how we need to treat others. It will be applied to the everyday lives of the children.


This section of the program is just an introduction. It sets the mood for the evening. It is an opportunity to establish the theme. This short time can be used to get the children excited about the theme.


It can be helpful to state the rules in a positive manner. Children will often hear a lot of "don'ts" in a day. They may not respond well to that. It might not hurt to change the approach to a more positive one. For example: Say "Be quiet when you are supposed to be quiet and be loud when you are supposed to be loud" instead of "Don't Talk".


In each lesson that we have used and recorded, we have stressed the importance of prayer. We have felt strongly that this is God's ministry and we need to continually hand it over to him. It is only through prayer and God's power that we will see changes in the lives our the children and their families.


This is a good opportunity to involve the kids. During the singing we always try to have the children lead the actions. In some areas if there is a child that is a natural leader this is a good way to involve them in leadership. The children need to be encouraged. They need a chance to prove that they are capable of helping.


These games involve very little space. They can be carried out almost anywhere. These games go with the Detective Days theme.

Game #1 - Clue Bags

Select two players one from each team. The first contestant must place their hand in a bag and identify an object by touch. Each contestant will touch five objects. Try to see how many they will be able to successfully identify in one minute.

Game #2 - Word Lightning

This game has become a favourite at the Zoo. Select two players. The first contestant will be given a letter. The contestant will write down as many words as they can that begin with that letter in one minute. The player that gets the greatest number of words wins.

Mystery Bag

In this lesson we will have the mystery bag. At different points in the program the children will pull a clue out of the bag. At the end of the program they will discover that all of the clues fit together to give a message. Give out one clue at this point.

Memory Verse

Colossians 3:13

Our detective friend Einstein is still working on his important case. He has received an important tip from a spy. It is a top secret message written in invisible ink. The children must retrieve the message and memorize it.

This will be an interaction between the puppet, the audience and the leader.

Einstein: Hi, I'm back again. I'm still hard at work. I have been trying to solve a mystery. I got the clues from the last two weeks but I have one left. I know it is important because it was written in invisible ink. The only problem is I can't remember how to make it appear again.

Leader: Well, I don't really know much about invisible ink.

Einstein: I tried my usual solution and it looks like some of it came up but not all of it. Maybe if I give it to you, you and the kids can figure it out. Will you try?

Leader: Of course we will try Einstein but I don't know if we will be able to help you. Let me see it.

Einstein: Here it is.

Leader: Ok, we will work together to figure it out. (The verse is written on bristol board but it is very faded, the children must identify the letters in the sentence and uncover the verse. Once it is revealed they will memorize it. "Forgive as the Lord forgave you." Colossians 3:13)

Einstein: You did it again. You guys figured out the clue. Thank you so much. You know what I have figured about the mystery. I have put together the three memory verses and I have discovered that they are all things that Jesus taught. They are verses about the way that Jesus wants us to treat each other.

Leader: I'm glad you have solved your case Einstein. We will have to remember those verses because they tell us the right way to behave.

Mystery Bag

At this point the second clue is handed out.


The story this week will be taken from a video. Although we usually use puppets, this provided a nice alternative. The video was a cartoon entitled "The Prodigal Son" from Nest Entertainment.

Mystery Bag

At this point hand out the third clue.

Skit - Snake and Julie

This skit is a continuation of the one from last week. Our neighbourhood tough guy Snake has watched another video with Julie. They provide a commentary on the video and an opportunity to relate it to the lives of the children.

Julie: Well Snake, that is our last video. What did you think of that one? Did you like it better than the last one.?

Snake: No, I thought it was even worse. Totally foolish.

Julie: What makes you say that?

Snake: Nobody is really like that. If your kid ran away from home like you would let him come back after he was that stupid.

Julie: Your right snake. A lot of people would have been pretty angry at their kid. I don't know if I would forgive someone who did that to me but Jesus would. Jesus forgives everyone who asks and is really sorry and that is how He wants us to treat each other.

Snake: I'll bet you Jesus would never forgive me for some of the things that I have done, if He knew about them.

Julie: You know Snake, Jesus does know about the things that you have done. He knows about all of them right or wrong. If you are really sorry He will forgive you.

Snake: That is pretty hard to believe.

Julie: I know it sounds impossible but He will forgive you because He loves you. He also wants you to love others and to forgive them like He does.

Snake: That's not easy, is it?

Julie: (They begin to walk off) No it isn't.

Mystery Bag

Hand out the final clue. At this point all of the pieces will fit together and provide the answer. This one simply stated: Jesus wants us to forgive one another.

This time at the end can be used to ask questions or respond to any that the children might have.

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