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Minor Days


Minor Prophets - Digging Deeper into God's Word

Introduction to The Minor Prophets:

Even though the Bible was written and compiled a long time ago it is still relevant today. It is applicable in the lives of people of all ages, even young children. The Old Testament can be particularly difficult for a child to tackle and it is sometimes overlooked. In this series, we will study characters in the Bible who seem obscure but have excellent messages that can be used in everyday life. We will be looking at prophets. "A prophet is one who speaks for God and interprets his will to people."

The lessons will look specifically at the minor prophets. There are a number of prophetic books in the Bible. "The prophets customarily were divided into two groups, Former and Latter. The Former prophets are historical books: Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings. The Latter prophets are the great preachers of Israel: Isaiah, Jeremiah and the prophets included in the Book of Twelve. Sometimes called minor prophets because of their comparatively brief writings."

We have selected three of them to base this series on. These three prophets address questions that often trouble people today.

(All references in this section were taken from a book called "Old Testament Survey " listed in our resource section)

Introduction to the Miner Theme

All of the content of this series will be taught within a Miner Theme. Old fashioned coal mining equipment and miners will be used to make an exciting program. This lesson was planned for a small space . This space will be decorated to give the illusion that it is a small dark mine.

Lesson #1 - Habakkuk

The first lesson in this series is based on the content of the book called Habakkuk. Habakkuk is considered a minor prophet. Habakkuk was troubled by the nature of God. He thought that God wasn't dealing with the sin in Judah and he didn't understand why. Habakkuk was an honest seeker after the truth. God deals with his questions. God wasn't angered by Habakkuk's questions. God used the questions as a means of grace to draw Habakkuk closer to himself.

Many things happen in the world that we don't understand. Life is filled with questions. Sometimes the questions are too big and difficult for anyone except God to answer. God wants us to bring these questions to him. He is not upset by our questions. He loves us and He wants us to understand.


  • - to teach the children that God loves them
  • - to teach the children that it is ok to have questions
  • - to emphasize that we can bring those questions to God.


Sometimes, we have found that the program runs better when we do not have an opening activity. Depending on the children and their mood , it is often best to launch right into the rules. This helps to maintain control immediately.


It is important to repeat the rules each week. This ensures that all the children (including those who are new to the program) are aware of the boundaries. This will actually help newcomers to feel more comfortable because they will know exactly what is expected of them.


Prayer is vital. It is essential for any program. Make it simple so that the children can clearly understand what you are saying. This sets a good example for the children teaching them that they can pray in their own words.


Singing is a time to worship and praise God. This is an excellent teaching opportunity. Share with the kids that God hears them when they sing to him. Encourage them to actually think about the words that they are singing and think about God.


All the games in this series are adapted to suit the miner theme.

Game #1 - Coal Quiz

This is another one minute game. One player will be selected from each team. This participant will answer a number of "Zoo Trivia" questions. For each correct answer the contestant will receive a sack of coal. At the end of the game the player will cash in their bags for a prize.

Sample Questions (These can be altered to suit any group) :

1. In the song "I'm Adopted" who are we being adopted by?

2. Last week's memory verse talked about God being like what object?

3. What color is the Zoo Bus?

4. Name two books in the Bible.

5. Why do we have Easter?

6. When we do something wrong that makes God unhappy, it is called ....

7. Why do we celebrate Christmas?

8. Say the words to the song "Jesus Loves Me".

9. How do you talk to God?

10. Name the guy in the Bible who built a big boat.

11. How was Jesus killed?

12. True or False

God can't hear you pray when you are in your bedroom with the door closed.

13. True or False

God loves you and He knows everything about you, including the number of hairs on your head.

14. If you took a plane across the ocean and then took a bus for five hours and climbed a mountain, would God be there?

15. Is it wrong to use God's name in vain? Like when you say "Oh my ___".

16. Why did Jesus die?

17. Did Jesus die for people who live in Russia and Cuba?

18. What is the first book in the Bible?

19. The Bible is divided into two parts, name them.

20. Is there anyone named Obadiah in the Bible?

Memory Verse

This memory is an interaction between a puppet, a leader and the children. The puppet will be dressed as the mine boss. He is in charge of the verse. The verse is a "hangman" type puzzle. The children will be asked to fill in the blanks. As they fill the verse in, any incorrect guess will cause the mine boss to react. The mine boss will place a bag of coal in a mine cart. Each bag of coal will cause the amount of weight in the cart to increase.

If the cart is filled too much it will exceed the weight limit which will cause a mine disaster. The weight is indicated on a large dial. So the children will try to fill in the blanks in the verse without our filling the cart.

Leader: Today we have a very special friend of ours here to visit. His name is Orangeo.

Orangeo: Hi everyone. I have been hard at work here.

Leader: It looks like you work in the mine.

Orangeo: Well, you're right I do work in the mine. In fact I am the Boss here at Black Rock Mine.

Leader: That is a really important job, good for you! Do you have a memory verse for us?

Orangeo: Yes I do. Let me just slip into my office and grab it for you. (exits and returns with the verse)

Leader: Thanks. I see that it is missing some words.

Orangeo: Yes. You have to try to fill them in. Every time you guess a letter and you are wrong I will have to add a bag of coal to this cart. But when I do that the dial will turn and the weight will increase.

Leader: What happens if it gets to overload?

Orangeo: (very flustered) Oh you don't want to do that you don't want to get it there. It would be terrible, try hard not to let that happen.

Allow time for the leader to work with the children to construct the verse and repeat it so that they will remember it.

"The Lord has heard my crying and my questions. He will answer my prayers." Psalm 6:8,9

Although the content of the lesson is based on the book of Habakkuk, one of the Psalms seemed to sum it up in one verse. This verse was written in Psalm 6. The Psalmist is asking God for mercy. He knows that God has heard his cries. He knows that God hears all of the things in our hearts and our minds and God answers prayers. God will answer, not always in the manner that we want or expect but He does answer.

Object Lesson

In this lesson which is the first one in the mining series it might be helpful to talk about what a mine is. Use the time to brainstorm mining. Use large bristol board and bright markers.


This story will involve a narrator who will read a brief introduction to the puppet skit. The puppet skit will be about two mining characters. They are puppets who are dressed to look like miners.

Narrator: Not too long ago, not too far from here, there was a large coal mine. It was very deep and very dark and many people worked there. One day Garbanzo and Joshua were on the job. They had worked a very long shift and were about to take the cart to the surface when Joshua heard a strange rumbling. It was like nothing he had heard before. Suddenly, there was a huge crash. The ceiling began to cave, rock fell around him just missing him. When the dust settled Joshua got up. He was ok. He fixed his headband and began to search for his friend Garbonzo.


Joshua: (appears behind stage, calling loudly) Garbanzo..... Hey Garbonzo are you ok?

Garbonzo: (Appears rubbing his head) I'm right here and I'm ok. A rock hit me in the head but my helmet protected me.

Joshua: Oh I'm glad you are ok. Let's get out of here.

Garbonzo: I don't think we are going to be able to get out here. It looks like the entrance is blocked.

Joshua: What?

Garbonzo: I think we are stuck. (starting to get upset)

Joshua: Don't panic, maybe we will think of something. Let me look around.

Garbonzo: (both look around) I found my shovel.

Joshua: That's good, we can use that. Why don't you try to dig through to the entrance?

Garbonzo: Ok (tries)

Joshua: I think it is solid rock

Garbonzo: Let's take a break for a few minutes.

Joshua: Ok

Garbonzo: Why are we stuck in here? Why did this have to happen to happen to us?

Joshua: I don't know Garbonzo

Garbonzo: How could this have happened? I don't want to be here.

Joshua: Neither do I.

Garbonzo: I want to go home (Silence)

Joshua: You know, when I was little I used to go to Sunday School. I remember learning all kinds of stories from the Bible.

Garbonzo: Were there any about two guys stuck in a mine?

Joshua: No, I don't think so but I remember a book where someone had a lot of questions to ask God. He didn't understand the things that were happening so he asked God.

Garbonzo: Why don't we ask God about this mine accident?

Joshua: Good idea. God always answers prayers.

Garbonzo: I hope he answers ours...

Narrator: Joshua and Garbonzo sat on a rock in a dark mine and brought all of their questions to God.

Leader's Conclusion: No matter how bad our situation is or how difficult it is to understand what is happening, we bring our questions to God. Don't be afraid to ask. God always answers our prayers.

Dismissal: Quiet seat prizes, closing prayer.

Copyright 1997, Bread of Life Ministries